Monday, December 12, 2011

A new addition!

Welcome to my blog!  Just had to share our "new" addition!  I have been waiting and waiting for months for this.  As silly as it may sound to some, I have had little visions of what I thought it might look like.

If you are a "thrifter" as I am, at times, you can probably relate to my story.  I have (secretly) been in a hunt for this item.  I wasn't looking for any particular look, or color-just wanted it to be glass.  Thrift stores have not had any. I did come across the bottom part of one, but not close enough for my vision.   Many yard sales I stopped at---just hoping and hoping.  Have you ever done that?  Looking back, some may suggest counseling!

Friday, I headed out on my mission of getting a Christmas tree together to give to a sweet lady, whom is having hard times right now.  I was driving down the street I see this huge YARD SALE sign. (now you should know I could not pass it up!)  It appeared to be a moving sale not so much a yard sale but hey, it was all out there for the "search".  After minutes of looking around, not finding anything I could not live without, I spotted a plastic tub full of mismatched dishes.  I do not need dishes, my family will tell you that, but there is something inside me that thinks I need to save some old dishes---why, I have no idea.  I walked up to the tub, picked up a placemat that was on top and there it was..... My heart skipped a beat, it was racing, could this be true.  Gosh, I checked it for cracks (seriously, even if I found a crack I would have taken it--silly silly me) it was in perfect condition.  I take it, walk up to the lady in charge, she was busy setting more things out, and ask how much, she quickly blurts out....oh give me .50 cents!  Heck yea!  Not only was it what I have been looking for months, it is glass, no cracks, nothing wrong with it.  You bet I gave her her money and carefully walked back to my vehicle and as though caressing it, gently placed it on the seat.  Here she butter dish!  She reminds me of when we were growing up, sitting at the table...(sigh) Isn't she a beauty?

May y'all have a great week.  Thanks for taking time to stop by.

Enjoy,   Jen.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My father

Been a busy week. Sunday flew by just too fast. We spent the day at my fathers, trying to get the house in order. My father's health is not as it used to be, guess it's due to how hard he worked all his life. He was a work-a-holic, providing for his family. We grew up with everything we needed and then some things we wanted, we were very fortunate to have a father like that. It is due to his generosity and just being as he is that I do not mind going and helping him out around the house. My mother passed away almost 5 years now---wow, it still seems as though it was yesterday. She always said dad would not be able to keep up with the house---she was right on.

We are almost done with the bathroom re-do my sweetie and I have been working on for him---it is looking good.

Well, this was just a short post, needed to jot my things down. Until next time. Hope all had a great weekend.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have this need....

I don't know about y'all but I have this need to view, read all the blogs and I can spend hours and hours on this! Gosh, then my mind wanders and I realize I need to jot things down and my creativity starts to run and run and I want to share with the world. (...sigh) I have so much I want to post/share with pics of things we've done. I am going to give it my best to do just that. I see other bloggers with beautiful sites---I can only dream to get mine to look like that.

Today I want to share a little revamp item I did. It is an old time clock (purchased from an estate sale--dirt cheap) someone had taken the wind up mechanism out and updated it to battery run one. I loved the old numbers and the glass dome. Brought it home, sanded the frame, painted it this teal color and then gently distressed it. What do you think? Please excuse the bad photos, remember, I am a newbie to blogging!

Until next time...... Be safe !

Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's start!

I have been wanting to get started on this blog for quite some time. I have decided to take a shot at it and will learn and adjust as I go along. This first blog will be short but I hope to perfect it to a time ......soon.

God Bless!